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Peace Be With You

Harmony. What is this superb thing called harmony? For what reason does the Virgin Mary, all through her numerous messages call for harmony? “Choose for harmony.” “I call you to be messengers of harmony.” “Through your ‘yes’ for harmony and your choice for God, an additional opportunity for harmony is opened.” “I am your Queen of Peace and your mom. I want to lead you in transit of harmony, which comes just from God.” And to the visionary Ivanka, June 25th 2009, “Our Lady stayed with me for 10 minutes and addressed me of the 10th mystery. Our Lady stated: “Dear youngsters, I call you to be witnesses of harmony. Harmony, harmony, harmony.””

Certain shepherds were living in the fields and overseeing their group when the heavenly attendant of the Lord appeared to them and the greatness of the Lord shone around them. The heavenly attendant stated, “don’t be apprehensive; for view I announce to you uplifting news of incredible satisfaction that will be for all the individuals. For now in the city of David a Savior has been conceived for you Who is Messiah and Lord!” And unexpectedly there was a huge number of the eminent host with the holy messenger, applauding God and saying: “Wonder to God in the most noteworthy and on earth harmony to men of kindness.”” Luke 2:14

Harmony is more than the nonattendance of war. It is more than serenity or an internal peacefulness. Harmony is simply the unification of God with man, flooding from God’s Love and justified (earned) by the Savior, Jesus Christ. Such adoring Unification, or Grace, is offered openly to people of kindness who pick it. Consequently the blessed messengers said harmony to men of kindness.

The desire of man is free, and through the will one has Heaven or Hell. The will (free organization, some call it) is more grounded than interests, for God didn’t make us captives to malevolence and sin, yet we should choose, with our unrestrained choice. In picking what is acceptable, God helps our knowledge and quality consistently. “Great prompts a consistent profound rise and makes one increasingly more equipped for performing more noteworthy and more prominent great deeds, till one arrives at flawlessness and turns out to be blessed.” “Simeon was anticipating the encouragement of Israel. He came in the Spirit into the sanctuary; and when Mary and Joseph acquired the youngster Jesus to play out the custom of the Law, he embraced Him favored God saying, “Presently Master, You may release Your worker in harmony, as indicated by Your promise, for my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You arranged in sight of the apparent multitude of people groups, a light for disclosure to the Gentiles and magnificence for Your kin Israel.”” Luke 2:29 From this content we see that harmony is associated with salvation. Simeon, who was noble and faithful, saw, actually observed God’s Salvation with his own eyes – he saw Jesus Christ. Furthermore, through the Holy Spirit by Whom he was driven, Simeon stated, “Presently You may release Your worker in harmony.” Peace is constantly associated with Jesus.

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